A first look at Spring Semester at EFSA and Prince William Sound College!

The class texts

Get registered before the rush! Courses to be posted soon!

As the lead faculty for the Outdoor Studies department and producer/director for Expeditionary Film School of Alaska, I am excited to have just finished a day of meetings with the Academic Senate, Academic Planning & Curriculum Committee, and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee. We have the honor of representing the college in its most integral functions, and I am particularly glad to have submitted the academic class schedule for publication. In the meantime, and to give you as much advance notice as possible, I am including the Outdoor Studies department schedule for you!

Full Semester Courses:

ODS 120 (1)- Introduction to Cross Country Skiing- DB Palmer- T/R 12-12:50pm

Take time to learn how to refine your Nordic Skiing technique and stamina, as well as increase your fitness during your lunch hour, two times a week, for a full semester!

ODS 101 (1)- Cross Training for Expedition Fitness- Greta Palmer- T/W/R- 5-5:50pm

Greta Palmer, MA
Greta Palmer, MA

Want to get ripped and ready for summer? Are you looking to learn about expedition fitness while getting fit for your own personal and professional adventures? Punch out at 5pm and join us for the perfect after work, workout!

Blended Courses (online + field)

ODS 295 (2-3)- ODS Internship- DB Palmer- TBD

Get locked in to work with one of our local, or state-wide internship opportunities, from adventure tourism, adventure film, to expedition leadership.

ODS 266 (3)- Introduction to Safety & Risk- DB Palmer- T 8-9:30pm ONLINE

Learn the basics and theory behind risk and safety in outdoor studies, online, and then get actively involved with two outdoor leadership events: Qaniq Nordic Ski Race and the Mountain Man Hill Climb, as student members of their logistics and safety teams. Hands-on work and study. That’s how ODS should be.

Field dates:

  • January 16, 5-9pm; 17-18, 9am-7pm at the Qaniq Nordic Ski Race/ Valdez, AK.
  • April17-19, 8am-8pm at the Mountain Man Hill Climb, Valdez, AK.

ODS 281 (3)- Leadership Activities for Diverse Populations- DB Palmer- 8-9:30pm ONLINE

In collaboration with Challenge Alaska, this course blends online theory sessions with field training and service work in Girdwood Alaska at Alyeska Resort. Students may also earn free ski passes for after-hours skiing. We are working to acquire lodging that will greatly reduce student expenses. Stay tuned!

Field dates:

  • March 10-15, 7am-5pm at Challenge Alaska, in Girdwood, AK.

DB Greta MT Trek with WGField (only) Courses:

ODS 168 (1)- Winter Camping Alaska- DB Palmer- January 30, 5-8pm

Join us for a short-weekend of learning the basic-intermediate skills of winter camping from our own resident winter afficionado, Dr. Palmer. Drawing from many years of professional winter guiding, Dr. Palmer will teach you the tricks and tools of the trade, and students will have plenty of time to practice the skills of successful (warm, as a goal) winter camping.

Field: February 7-8, 9am-5pm (2 days)

ODS 298 (3) – Adventure Research & Creative Activity- DB Palmer

Join AFSA founder/producer, DB Palmer, in the development and preparation of an adventure film project, from the adventure leadership side of things, including: location management, location scouting, talent acquisition/athlete relations, safety/risk concerns, and project management. Course to take place, primarily, at TAILGATE AK!

Field dates: By arrangement with Dr. Palmer, and throughout the semester.

FLM 298 (2)- Film Research- Sky Rondenet & DB Palmer

Sky Rondenet
Sky Rondenet

Join AFSA founder/producer, DB Palmer, and the renowned Sky Rondenet (of Sky Rondenet Media), in shooting an adventure film on location in, and around, Valdez, Alaska! The course has room for participants of all skill levels, as we will be designing a collaborative, team shoot, as well as individual projects. Course to take place, primarily, at TAILGATE AK!

Field dates: April 6-12 (6 days)

ODS 218 (2)- Avalanche Certification Level II AAIRE- Sarah Carter

Take the next step from your AAIRE Avalanche level 1 to Level 2 with this course, taught in conjunction with the Alaska Avalanche Information Center and our ace-avalanche educator, Sarah Carter. Course will be on location in, and around, Valdez, Alaska. This course fills fast, so don’t miss it!

Field dates: March 6-9, Valdez, AK.

Register here!

Adventure Film at Tailgate AK?! Class is in session.

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