Young Adult Wilderness Therapy with Sled Dogs!

It is official! We have secured our foundation dogs from a breeder in northern qimmiq-stamp-cedCanada, and are arranging the logistics for getting our foundation team of the world’s rarest, and North America’s only remaining indigenous dog breed… the Canadian Eskimo Dog (CED), also called the Canadian Inuit Dog (Nunavut), or Qimmiq.

More news to follow, but this marks a career-long goal of incorporating Eskimo dogs into our lives and programming, and a return to our early-career training as Dogsled Guides & Naturalists, for Polar Explorer & Author, Paul Schurke of Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge in Ely MN.

Our 1st LitterThe dogs will support our ski treks and will become hallmarks of our Alaskan Wilderness Therapy and Alaskan Trekking programs.


Email us at for more info on our upcoming programs:

Young Men’s 21-day Winter Trek: February 2017Mighty Kaska

Young Men’s Custom Winter Semester

Adventure-Based Life Coaching (Online/Distance Options)

So, we’ve been asked over the years if we provide distance, online, or telephonic psychotherapy or life-coaching…

Dr. Palmer is opening up his practice for adventure-based life coaching to include distance sessions, to our already well-known intensives workshops/retreats, and expeditions. In fact, a great way to get started with us is to begin with distance coaching sessions, and work toward one of our on-site programs.

So, what is involved in these sessions?

img_1686Initial Session with both founder/directors, Dr. Palmer & Greta Palmer to assess:

  • Goals (Academic, Career, Personal, Spiritual, etc)
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Current Issues
  • Life Coaching discussion (Coaching is not Counseling…)
  • Scheduling & Details

Your coaches will prepare a plan that will include the above areas, and will work as a team, blending their skills and credentials to offer a more balanced and comprehensive approach. Some sessions may be with one coach, while many more will be with both coaches. As we progress in sessions, we’ll all see what works best for each person, and adjust accordingly. As with our on-site programs, you’re joining the fabric of our lives, and this is something that we take incredibly seriously.


We’ve found that weekly schedules seem to work the best, keeping everyone on task, rather than things getting too spaced out. We’ll setup a schedule that works for all of us, and can adjust to more/less frequency as needed.

Common Coaching Topics
  • Academic Failure and/or poor, or under, performance
  • Motivational Issues
  • Difficulty making decisions or sticking to your decisions
  • Career challenges
  • Issues with friends, family, co-workers
  • Just feeling lost or stuck…